The members of the Lab are involved in a variety of research activities of both theoretical and practical interest. The following are indicative areas of current activity.

Research Topics

  1. Use of Game Theoretic Models (based on Adaptive Stochastic Schemes) in order to model and study Energy Markets with a variety of energy producers and regulating authority.
  2. Spectrum Allocation by a Satellite Operator as to satisfy demands and maximize profits. Risk Assessments are provided for several scenarios.
  3. Modelling and Automatic Regulation of Insulin for Diabetes patients (Collaboration with the ICU of a major Hospital. Use of real data for modelling and creating on-line control algorithms for insulin regulation).
  4. Policies for Internet pricing by using Game Theoretic Methods.
  5. Collective Behavior of a very large number of Automata studied using ideas of Statistical Physics, Game Theory, Biology and Simulations. Motivation is to study Large Computer/Communication networks, the graph structure dynamics and behavior of local agents.
  6. Optimal Regulation of a Water Pub system in order to meet both the diverse water demands as well as to minimize the energy demand/cost.
  7. Algorithms for Optimal Routing Problems (traffic management). Dynamic Routing of a diverse fleet in a stochastic environment.
  8. Detection of irregular behavior and anomalies in ship traffic.
  9. Estimation and Prediction Techniques in Cancer Growth Models.
  10. Integer Programming methods in Energy management, Graph Link Selection/Dynamics, Jamming.
  11. Optimization Theory and Algorithms.
  12. Theoretical Studies in Control Theory, Filtering, Game Theory, Optimization Theory and Algorithms, Chaotic Dynamics.

Προκυρηχθείσες θέσεις ΥΔ στη ΣΗΜΜΥ (Φθινόπωρο 2016)

  1. Θεωρία Παιγνίων και Δυναμικοί Μηχανισμοί σε Γράφους.
  2. Θεωρία Παιγνίων με Εφαρμογές σε Ασφάλεια Δικτύων.
  3. Δυναμικοί Μηχανισμοί Ομαδοποίησης (Dynamic Coalition Formation) σε Κοινωνικά Δίκτυα και Ενέργεια.